Diving Deeper

i found god in myself & i loved her/i loved her fiercely
— Ntozake Shange

This fulfilling Initiatory Journey is designed to support you in discovering and confidently embracing your own unique, innate magick through the wisdom of the Goddess Arts, helping you to grow as you develop practices that center, ground, and support you in all of your endeavors, aligning your life with the flow of the seasons and cycles. The Women’s Mystery School of Magick & Empowerment is inclusive of all women.

This Journey activates your understanding of yourself as a sovereign, sacred, and valuable being, increasing your capacity for owning your agency, your power-within, and the holiness of your woman’s nature. As you explore ritual, spellwork, divination, astrology, creative visualization, prosperity consciousness, and much more, you will reawaken the ancient magick within, claiming your own power and restoring yourself to full sovereignty and freedom in all parts of your life.

When you integrate the Truth of who you are with deliberate mindfulness, so do you transform your realm for the better—manifesting what you most dearly desire, fulfilling your highest potential, and creating a life you love complete with joy and purpose, meaning and magick.

This experiential, hands-on program is specifically designed to help you to reveal and birth forth your true, authentic Self, the beauty of you and the gifts only you have to offer to this world.

All of this is available to you right now, Dear Sister.
Isn’t it finally time for you to accept this life-changing challenge?


Our themes of inquiry include:

  • Powerful ritual technique and creation

  • Transformational space-holding

  • Self-love and self-care activation

  • Sovereignty and personal power-within

  • Rites of Passage reclamation

  • Multicultural Goddess and Archetype exploration

  • Potent practical magick and spellcasting

  • Sacred creativity and Shamanic art

  • Solar and Lunar Cycles

  • Altarcrafting

  • Green Witchery

  • Plant, Animal, Stone, and Spirit Allies

  • The Oracular Arts

  • Sigilcraft and symbols

  • and much more!

Your complete syllabus and materials list are provided after enrollment.

…if that which you seek you find not within you,
You will never find it without.
— Doreen Valiente