Terms & Conditions

What is a Mystery School anyway?

A Mystery School is a repository of ancient esoteric knowledge preserved for the use of those ready for it in the present day. The Women’s Mystery School of Magick & Empowerment is a safe space for you to explore and deepen your own Soul’s Path and purpose as a woman incarnated in a human body in this time, place, and dimension.

How does this work?

The doors to our Mystery School are always open and you can enroll at any time. Moon materials are sent via email, and Sister-Queens are encouraged to share, stay in touch, and support one another in our secret, private Facebook community group. You also have confidential access to High Priestess Lady Jesamyn via email throughout the duration of your Journey. Join us here!

How long does it take to complete the course?

Although this program can be completed in a minimum thirteen months if your life has space to support this powerful work within that time frame (plus time for Initiation, if Initiation is desired), most Sisters take longer. To date, we’ve had one student complete the course in thirteen months; most Sisters generally take about 2-3 years to complete their Journey. Self-discipline and dedication are key to your success here, and in life. We are here to encourage you on the winding Path, Dear Sister-Queen!

Is there homework?

Yes! We choose to call this “moonplay”. Regular moonplay including reading, ritual and magickal practice, meditations, projects, research, and journaling are assigned for your exploration each Moon.

There are no grades, no quizzes, and no tests. You are your own authority here, and the amount of time you choose to devote to your work is self-directed. Be aware that you get out what you put in, Dear One!

You will receive personal, private feedback from Lady Jesamyn for each moonplay you submit.

How much time does this take each week?

Most students choose to invest about 1-3 hours per week walking this Path and, at the bare minimum, spend five minutes a day in Personal Daily Practice. To get all you can from the Mystery School, however, this experiential program requires mindful, intentional focus. Since this is a vigorous and intense course of study, be sure to have space in your life available to hold this Journey as sacred and worthy of your undivided, weekly attention.

We want you to succeed here and this means that the School should be one of your main priorities while you are going through the program. As a Sovereign Being, how you manage this is up to you!

In addition to completing and turning in your moonplay, you are requested to check in at least once per month to let us know how you are doing, either privately through email or in our secret Facebook community.

That said, we know that life happens. If you find that you are unable to meet these guidelines for whatever reason, please contact Lady Jesamyn for support. The intention of this curriculum is to provide inspiration and encouragement as you create a better, more empowered life for yourself. We work with—and hold space for—whatever your situation is, without judgment. Clear and honest communication is the key to your success and being honest about where you are at helps you to develop your sense of self-confidence, self-worth, and integrity.

Above all—please know that you are never “behind” and that our Mystery School is a guilt-free space! We do not judge one another here.

If now is not the right time for you to join us, that is okay. We will be here for you when it is and we look forward to receiving you then.

If I complete my moonplay before a month has passed can I turn it in and move on to the next Moon? Can you send me all the Journey materials at once?

No. Each Moon is meant to take at least one month’s time, and students are expected to sit with the materials for this duration before moving on. Each Moon is designed to take this amount of time to give ample space for the information to land in your mind, body, Spirit, and life.

Contemplating the Mysteries is not a race and it is not meant to be breezed through. There is great value in moving slowly here, allowing yourself to expand and contract in turn until your mind and Spirit are ready to stretch and grow into your new Truth permanently.

Are there any prerequisites?

To join the Mystery School, prospective students must be women of integrity, adults 18 or older who identify and currently live full-time as women. Women of all experience levels are welcome.

Women of integrity are defined as those who are honest, moral, trustworthy, fair, and honorable. Behavior that is in violation of these qualities is not permitted and those exhibiting it will be warned. If the behavior continues, these students will be removed from the School without further discussion. Please note that we do not offer any refunds, credits, or exchanges for any reason.

All students are expected to adhere to our Community Code of Ethical Conduct at all times.

Enrolling in the School signifies your Sacred Agreement to these terms.

Do I need to renounce my other Traditions, teachers, or trainings?

No! Sisterhood of the Moon is a “Yes, and…” Tradition. We will never require you to renounce any other spiritual Path or to practice our magick to the exclusion of all else. Sisterhood of the Moon recognizes that there are infinite Paths to the Divine, and that we are but one of them. You are always sovereign Queen of your own realm, Priestess of your own altar.

Since this Journey can be a rigorous one, we do not advise taking it concurrently with any others unless you are certain you have the time available. Overwhelm is not enjoyable, Dear Sister!

What about men and non-binary people?

Whilst our Women’s Mystery School is open only to those to identify and live as women, Lady Jesamyn is willing to train and mentor others—either in-person or online—as Witches in our Tradition. Please see Individual Consultations for more information.

Sisterhood of the Moon is a matriarchal community committed to restoring balance to the world by inspiring women to again take their rightful place as equal to all. While our Tradition focuses solely on the Goddess as part of this mission, and our Mystery School is intentionally a women-only space created for women to do our healing work together, some of our students and community members do honor the God in their personal workings. What you choose to do in your own realm is your private choice.

Please note that our in-person Solar Tribe ritual circle is always open to all genders. We believe that men and boys need the healing touch of the Goddess and women-centered spirituality just as much as women and girls do and are steadfast in providing a place for this.

Is Witch Initiation guaranteed?

If you do your work and meet all of the expectations shared here, you will be eligible for Initiation.

Note that this Path leads to Witch Initiation, not Priestess Initiation. Witch Initiation in Sisterhood of the Moon is similar to the designation of First Degree in other Traditions; it does not confer permission to teach our Tradition or to Initiate others into it, which is an authority reserved only for Ordained Sisterhood of the Moon High Priestesses.

Witch Initiation is a prerequisite to further training in Sisterhood of the Moon. Lady Jesamyn offers Priestess Apprenticeships in-person only yet is available for distance Priest/ess/x mentoring. Please see this page for more information.

What if I already have a lot of experience?

We welcome you to join us! We strive to make the Mystery School profoundly relevant not only for “Baby Witches,” but for women of experience, including Elders of other Traditions. Since this type of inquiry is not linear but is instead an eternal spiral, there is always something new to discover about ourselves and about our Path. If you are open to new perspectives and returning to “Beginner’s Mind” this Journey has much to offer you.

Can I have credit for work done already in another Tradition or in a Sisterhood of the Moon class?

No. Although Sisterhood of the Moon has many things in common with other Traditions, it is its own entity. The teachings in our Mystery School are both practical and experiential, and each Moon builds upon the previous; students must be open and willing to progress through the Moons as they are intended.

How much does this cost? Why do you charge money?

Your Tribute (a.k.a. tithe or exchange) is collected as an automated monthly membership via Paypal subscription for the duration of your Journey. Our income-based sliding scale is $50-$25 per month.

Our Tribute rates are offered on a sliding scale to make our program accessible to a wide range of women. Please base your exchange on what you can honestly and reasonably pay. Sisters who are more financially abundant are requested to please make Tribute on the higher end of the scale to help subsidize those Sisters who are in situations where they are only able to currently budget for the lowest.

If you decide the Mystery School is not for you, you can cancel your subscription yourself at any time via Paypal and you will not be further charged; if you cancel after your month’s payment has been issued, your cancellation will take effect the following month. Please note that we do not offer refunds, exchanges, or credits for any reason. Enrolling in our program signifies that you are aware of this condition and agree to it.

Your Tribute supports your community, allowing us to continue to offer our quality training, events, and support to many people. As part of our mission to bring sustainable priestessing into the modern age, Tributes also show respect for the work of the Priestesses as well as allows them to remain focused on stirring the cauldron for all. It takes many resources—including money—to keep a community successfully functioning.

We no longer live in the age of community-supported housing, food, or clothing for our Holy Women. Our Priestesses need to be self-sufficient and have a livelihood, and we firmly believe that priestessing is a valid vocational Path. If not our highly trained clergy members, who will tend to Spirit whilst the rest of us are busy in other capacities? Who will stir the Cauldron of Change? Who will hold space for the trials, celebrations, and Rites of Passage of our lives? Who will counsel us in our grief? Who will we go to for the holy rituals that mark the turning of the Great Wheel? Who will remember and share our herstory, our magick, our traditions?

What does my Tribute include?

Your Tribute covers thirteen Moons of materials (PDFs and occasional supplements such as MP3s, tables, charts, pictures, etc.) plus “Spiraling On,” a final piece sent after Initiation; private facilitator access, evaluation, and feedback; and membership in our secret, private Facebook community where you can interact with other women on the Journey.

You are responsible for procuring your course textbooks (3), your journal, and your Book of Shadows as well as any suggested items you may wish to use such as incense, candles, herbs, crystals, ritual tools, art supplies, etc.

I don’t have the money; can I have a scholarship?

There are no scholarships available for the Mystery School. Through experience, we found that when we offered scholarships for this Journey, it wasn’t successful. Women did not take their work seriously, and it ended up on the bottom of their lists, never to be completed. This is not the energy we want to cultivate here, Dear One.

This holy Journey costs per month what one might pay for a dinner entrée at many restaurants—an incredibly reasonable exchange for what you will receive here considering how the contribution of your energy—in the form of money—will return to you in infinite ways as your life rapidly changes for the better, and as you make space to create more of what you want.

People are always able to manifest the resources for what they truly want and value. If you truly want to take this Journey, be willing to open up to all the possibilities available to you. Can you cancel an oft-unused subscription? Can you make coffee or pack a lunch at home to bring to work each day? Can you forgo two bottles of wine a month?


Lady Jesamyn shares:

The comfort—and the overwhelm—of the day-to-day routine can pull us away from what
it is we say we want. I sometimes think that Goddess demands to know, “Do you really
want this?” I’ve noticed that I am always able to find the money, time, energy, and effort
to do what I really, really, really want…

And I know that when I can't seem to find the resources to do what I say I want to do,
that's an important sign that I need to dig deep and look at what that's really about. There
is usually some sort of self-imposed block there, a fear, or my Shadow-Self giggling

How many times do we place ourselves last, my Sisters? It’s so easy to put off our
dreams by telling ourselves that we don’t have the money, the time, or the resources, that
we just can’t. When we are completely truthful with ourselves, we acknowledge that it
can momentarily feel easier and safer to stay closed off from what is actually available to
us. In the past, I have been there myself, and I do understand how horrible, frustrating,
and restricting this feels.

If you are hearing the call to make this Journey, we invite you to put yourself first and do whatever it takes to make the leap. You are worthy and deserving, and this lifetime is short.

One day…or Day One? It’s your choice.


Do I have to participate in the online community?

How much—or how little—you participate in our community is entirely your choice. That said, most women greatly appreciate and enjoy the interaction, love, and unconditional support that springs up from our connection and ongoing contact with one another. In this safe space, we share our wisdom, our processes, our successes, and our struggles with one another as trusted Sisters walking a similar spiraling path.

You are highly encouraged to become an integral part of our community, whatever this looks and feels like to you. Our circle of Sister-Queens is here to offer the level of group contact you desire on this Journey.

How long can I stay in the online Mystery School community?

Our intention is to weave together a community of loving Sisters of all ages and backgrounds from all parts of the world, women committed to their own growth and lifelong learning. To this effect, Sisters who have successfully completed the program are invited to stay in our Facebook group free of charge in perpetuity.

For safety and privacy, women who have left the Journey or who have been deemed inactive through nonpayment will be removed from our online community.