I need this work! This process has taught me so much! It has made me a better woman, a better mother, a better wife, a better friend, healer, empath, and witch. This work has helped me to figure out who I am and I am extremely grateful for it!
— ~Kellianne B.

There is sooooo much information within a supportive and flexible structure that provides tools, constructs, and resources to take what you already feel and know about nature to places where you can be productive and active in creating a spirited life for yourself. The School has formalized my commitment to Self and given me the confidence to know that I was already on the right track.
— TeeMarie

I received an awesome review of our women’s herstory, an explanation of many magical practices (tools, rituals, and more) and, most importantly, improved self-respect and self-esteem while reclaiming my personal sovereignty. Lady Jesamyn has beautifully woven together a curriculum that will give you knowledge and skills as she shares her extensive understanding of this diverse and unique Mystery Tradition. You owe it to yourself to join this community of women learning together while we are each on our path of individual study!
— D.B.

…I have found that the materials in the ‘Women on a Journey to Ourselves’ program are rich in information that I’ve never found anywhere else. My studies here have facilitated a spiritual evolution and rebirth for which I could never express my gratitude.
— Rhea

High Priestess Lady Jesamyn Angelica’s online Women’s Mystery School of Magick and Empowerment is powerful learning and precisely what my soul needs in these times of disconnectedness. The monthly assignments facilitate self-actualization, learning about ritual, Goddess, Elements and so much more, discussions, support from HP Lady Jesamyn, and support from online Sister-Queens also on the Magick and Empowerment Journey. The curriculum is well-written and full of guidance while leaving room for individual exploration, promoting individual experience in the Tradition through writing and carrying out ritual, and more.
— L.R.

I’ve been taking this online course since four months ago and I can tell you, it’s changing my life.
— Amy

Treating myself on my birthday by starting my first Moon and wow, I’m speechless at how incredible just reading the first six pages has made me feel, and how much light I’m feeling from this. Words can’t explain but oh man has my love grown in this measly 30 minutes I’ve been reading!!!
— Abbey

A wonderful community of gracious women who support continued spiritual growth, enabling one to successfully navigate and prosper in the magickal and mundane realms!
— Penny

I love to learn, and the Mystery School helps me not only to learn, but to learn about things that feed my spirit and satisfy my desire to know more about my herstory. With so much information floating around—much of it contradictory—The Women's Mystery School gives clear and detailed information to help guide you down your chosen path. I love how easy to understand Lady Jesamyn makes magick and self-empowerment.
— R.N.

The Women’s Mystery School of Magick and Empowerment offers a clear path into the Divine Feminine Mysteries where women are able to not only explore themselves, but have an opportunity to enhance their magickal skills through the lineage of wise women who have come before. The 13 Moons creates so much more than your traditional Mystery School; it has roots so deeply planted within the foundation of the Goddess, and through working these lessons and deepening into the spiritual journey, the Crown of Sovereignty can be reclaimed. I highly recommend this journey to any woman seeking to know herself, heal herself, and empower herself. Lady Jesamyn is a compassionate, loving, and skillful guide upholding the trust and integrity of the Wise Woman Ways.
— Silver